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Many creators think of minting an NFT as the end of the way. But actually, this is just the beginning.

The NFT CREATIVE AWARDS were created to recognize, celebrate and promote the most outstanding NFT artworks and concepts and to showcase and connect this outstanding artwork with patrons and collectors from all over the world.


Give your NFTs the highest recognition

Eligibility: Anyone can apply.

Open to all Platforms/Marketplaces/Cryptocurrencies




Abstract ■ Architecture ■ Collectibles ■ Fashion ■ Film ■ Food ■ Games ■ Music ■ Pop ■ Sport Trading Cards ■ Video / Animation ■ Virtual Worlds ■ Visual Arts ■ Others

As many entries could fit into multiple categories, to increase your chance of winning we recommend entering your single NFTs/collections in more than one.

A discount is offered when entering the same NFTs in additional categories.



[in US Dollars]


Single NFT $40

+ $ 20 Additional category

5-NFTs $ 32 each

+ $ 16 each NFT additional category

10-NFTs $25 each

+ $ 10 each NFT additional category

Collection [Up To 30] $100 per collection

+$20 Each Additional Category – the full collection

NOTE: The COLLECTION Entry is to evaluate and award a collection, not individual NFTs.If you want an individual NFT to be awarded, please submit your NFTs in any of the 3 choices above [Single NFT, 5-NFTs or 10-NFTs]


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The Jury of the NFT Creative Awards™

All submissions are evaluated by an expert jury from different creative disciplines. The jury committee is comprised of top independent designers, artists, curators, collectors, art lecturers, journalists, critics, filmmakers, music producers, and musicians who are devoted to brilliance in their disciplines.

The evaluation is based on a range of criteria that are constantly adapted to current standards.

We use a scoring scale between 1-100 points on each NFT. Jury members are assigned categories based on their specific backgrounds and expertise. All projects are viewed and judged randomly and anonymously to ensure unbiased and fair judging.